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Photograph Piracy

Photograph Piracy

A sad reality of the world we live in is the theft of digital data for personal gain in one way or another. As much as technology has been our friend it is also our enemy and has resulted in a lot of theft, image manipulation or illegal distribution. Software has developed to counteract this and website developers have had to develop code and methods to limit the means for image or other data to be stolen.

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The Dress

Wedding Dress Fen Trike & Photo

Detail Lace


So we are in the middle of the year winter will be coming to an end soon and spring will be on its a way, a perfect time for those wedding bells. I am sure that there are many of you out there that are planning for your big Wedding Day in 2011. Well congratulations if you are and here are a few hints and tips for you when choosing your fairy tale outfit for the day. Final Adjustments Getting Dressed for the Big Day

When choosing my wedding dress I was faced with a number of options; to buy one, hire one, or have one made.

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Flowers – Mean anything?

This like most things of your wedding day is a great expense but a very important detail to the bride that should definitely not be overlooked, unless you are very brave or silly groom. There will be many discussions as to what flowers should be used, which florist, how they should be arranged, what vase to use, size of bouquet, how much and many more things…. This might just give you a little more insight or just more ideas to think about….

Rose - Black & White

Just a Rose?

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Trash The Dress – TTD

A very short blog on a subject originating from the USA and something which we are not in favour of, but the joy of this world is we all have the right to our own views and it is not our place to tell you that you are wrong if you want to do it. As the title says the Bride literally Trashes her dress through a variety of methods.

Wedding Dress Perfection

Why Trash Perfection?

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Best equipment to be a photographer?

There are so many camera models out there ranging from R5000-00 to R60000-00 and then comes the lenses which is just as expensive and even more complex depending on your needs. Is it a necessity or a nicety?

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Gauteng Highway upgrades…..?

No-one ill deny the fact that the upgrades to the highways were required to help reduce the congestion and horrific commuting times. Some people opted to use motorbikes to save on time and fuel costs which helps except for the car users oblivious to the bikes on the highway. Before I have the car drivers attack me I will admit, even as a biker, it is not hard to say thanks to a driver who gives you space and you do not need to race between traffic.  Respect goes both ways, but my view is there are more drivers on autopilot to and from work than rude bikers. I do not see that the car drivers are being blatantly dangerous or rude to bikers, just in their own world while making the arduous journey. Now that I have completely digressed.

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Bikers – Thugs or People

So often people will see a Tattoo covered Harley rider and stereotype the person as drug dealing, pimp, thug or ex-con. Now sure we all know that these people do exist and this is not only in the movies.

Unfortunately the press and reputation of the past is harder to remove than it was to create despite some good efforts made by some to help clean the name. Now before people decide to view this as a pure Pro-Biker posting it is not. Hopefully it is an objective posting that raises thought in the mind about how w all stereotype all sorts of individuals based on various visual characteristics.

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Photography – Business or Art?

This was a question posted on LinkedIn which raised quite a debate and thought it would be a valid subject to start the blog up again.

The subject stated as a debate and soon resulted in a fairly heated debate. There were views posted from both sides of the fence all of which could be viewed as valid depending on which side of the fence you sit.

One thing to keep in mind is the interpretation of the word Art. In the discussion most are viewing the word art as a creation rather than the other meaning to become proficient in a skill. My personal view is that if one is to view the debate as art (proficient skill) then it is actually both. If you are not proficient in your skill, then most likely your business will not succeed, but taking the debate in the light it was discussed, we have viewed art as in the creation of a piece.

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Bullfrogs Still in Midrand

After proclaiming in my previous blog about the not having a camera around at the right time for lightning, last night was the same again. Our neighbours residence was struck yesterday (no camera around) and to say the least it was quite an awesome looking strike, but it has made me have a new found respect for lightning. Within a second of the strike glass broke in our kitchen, which confused me a bit and after getting dogs, cats and everyone else to calm down and realise life is still continuing I went to clear up the mess only to find a piece of brick had come through the window. Now first of all it is some 20m this brick travelled at one hell of a pace, which would have most definitely caused damage to someone, but this morning on inspection there were pieces of brick as far as 40m from their chimney. But there was a flip side to the storm and that was not cleaning the house in places one does not do everyday like under the fridge…..

Brick fragment through window

ShatteredChimney Struck

Seeing an endangered animal, which for most might seem a little odd to be excited about. Giant African Bull Frog (Pyxicephalus aspersus).

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Uniqueness of Lightning

Before I get onto the topic I would like to wish all of you and your families a happy 2011 and I hope it will be a great one. Worldwide the last 18 months or so have been testing for large and small companies, rich and poor people, and I am sure there are still few struggles on the way, but let’s be positive that the world economy is on the way up.

I am sitting in bed at midnight, lights off, (I know, not great for the eyes) typing this as I watch the lighting display. Unfortunately living in a complex doesn’t allow one the best opportunities to photograph lighting, but at my previous residence I had a wonderful vantage point for approaching storms.

Lightning Strike

Big Strike

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